MLB Betting Tips to Know in 2019

MLB Betting Tips to Know in 2019

Start Looking for Odds Early

The odds for the next day's games will be set far in advance, so get to know when your book first posts its odds for the upcoming games. If you approach this exercise with some potential value spots in mind, it will be much more beneficial to quickly see where there is value, and where you need to wait or stay away before putting down a bet.

Odds May Shift Significantly with Lineup Announcements

New for the 2019 season, managers will be required to submit their lineup to the league office first, which will give the bookmakers a chance to change the odds based on new information. We don't know exactly how this will play out just yet if the lineups will be announced at the same time every day or not. Pay attention to the early games to get a feel for when lineup announcements are made, and how soon your book adjusts its lines when this information surfaces. You may be able to get ahead of the market if you anticipate lineup decisions that others do not.

Know Home and Road Splits

This one may sound obvious, but before you place a bet, take a look at how a team is performing at home versus on the road. Some players will fair much more favorably at home than on the road. Baseball is unique in the way that each ballpark has dimensions, and batter’s eye backdrops that can vary vastly from stadium to stadium.

Know Righty vs. Lefty Splits

This one may seem even more apparent, but it's worth repeating know how well a team and individual players perform based on the handedness of the opposing pitcher. If you see a team that you know mashes lefties and see an upcoming series in which the opposition is tossing out two or three lefties, you may want to bet on the series price, rather than the individual games, thinking there is a good chance that team can win the series.

Research the Umpires

Umpire information is not always readily available, and this advice is catered more towards DFS players, but umpires and their tendencies can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game, and the performance of individual players. Find a site that offers information on umpires, and you will be far ahead of the game from both a betting and a daily fantasy perspective.

Follow Beat Writers on Twitter

Twitter is the best source of immediate information and can be an excellent resource for sports bettors and fantasy players. Find the beat writers for each of the teams and follow them. These are the people who are with the team day in, and day out. Often, they know the teams better than anyone else outside of the clubhouse. Beat writers will have the inside information on injuries and early details on starting pitching and lineup changes. The more informed you are, the most dangerous you will be to the bookies with your bankroll.